Real Estate

The House on the Pond

Mary Derrick with Derrick Realty wanted to find a better way than conventional photos to showcase this beautiful house and property.  She chose aerial views with us and is very happy with the results.

Property Management

Damage from Hurricane Matthew

When our friend Linda wanted to assess the damage from Hurricane Matthew to her timber in the Ogeechee River bottomlands, she called on us.  From the ground, this area was all but impassable, but the view from above make it easy to see how much timber was down and allowed Linda to make an informed decision on what to do next.

Moving Vehicles

Cars, boats, 4-wheelers and more......

If you want to sell something that moves, what better way than showing it moving?  How about showing it moving from above?  You can't beat that view any way you look at it.


Small Town USA--Ridge Spring, SC

The iconic small town of the Southeast.  Come see us and you may end up staying here.


Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale--Ridge Spring, SC

We were contracted by the Town of Ridge Spring to provide aerial imagery of the annual Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale to be used for future promotion of the Town and the event.  The Yard Sale is a huge happening for Ridge Spring, and our challenge was how to portray the traffic, hustle and bustle, as well as all the people, while following FAA rules and maintaining safety.  We think we captured it very well, and here's a photo that give an idea of the scale.  For more, see the Town's Facebook page and website.

timber inspection

Bug damage

This aerial view shows damage to a longleaf pine stand from pine beetles. This occurred after the trees were weakened by a lightning-ignited fire last summer. This type of damage is easy to see from the air if you know what to look for and do regular inspections of your trees.  Don't let this happen to your trees--call us to schedule an inspection soon.

timber inspection

Beaver damage

This aerial view shows damage from beavers in a bottomland hardwood stand.  Some trees are already dead, and others will soon die. We can help you find this kind of problem before it is too late to save the trees.  Call us to schedule and inspection soon.

Property Mapping

Property maps delivered in 1 day for real world, real time results.  Elevation, regular 2-D high resolution, plant health and even 3-D.  Don't trust your planning to 2 year old satellite maps that don't show you what you need, call us today for demos and quotes.  Be sure to click and drag the image below to see all the 3-D view can show. Then take a look at the elevation map of the same property in the bottom image.

Property Display

Sometimes you just need aerial video to showoff something special--like these peach blossoms on the ridge!