Real Estate

Real estate advertising, especially for large properties not easily viewed from the ground.  If one picture is worth 1000 words, imagine what an HD video will do.



Aerial imagery is the best way to find bug spots in agricultural fields or timber.  We can also spot beaver damage in timber way before it's obvious from the ground.  Tower and grain elevator inspections are easy from the air--no need to risk climbing if you don't have to.


Special occasions

Community events, weddings, family gatherings or games; you name it.  You just can't beat the view from above, whether in crystal clear stills or HD video.


Mapping and Consultation

Property mapping, consultation and planning from Certified Wildlife Biologist.  We can fly your property, produce a custom aerial map and plan for the wildlife and timber management, all in one package.


Drones, quads or hexacopters......

We specialize in getting the angles you want.  Watch the whole process over our shoulders, and pick the shots you want.  After the flights, we'll review the photos and video on the spot, so you'll know whether we've captured what you want.

See the whole property

You can't get this view from the ground and manned aircraft are very expensive.  Go with our drones for a fraction of the cost and better results.


Next Steps...

Don't wait!  Call us today for a quote.  We think you'll be pleased with our quick, efficient services and our reasonable prices.